Fire alarm control panel BS-200M

Autroprime 2

Full fire detection system with 4 loop drivers each controlling 127 devices. The operator panel may be mounted remotely with redundant connections both for signal and power. With space for batteries. This panel is specifically designed for use in maritime applications and meets the SOLAS requirements. The panel serves as a stand-alone panel. A maximum of 8 additional panels can be freely mixed and connected to the fire alarm control panel via the RS-485 panel bus, including repeater panels BS-211, information panels BV-210, fire brigade panels BU-210 and mimic drivers BUR-200. All alarm handling and system features can be configured, controlled and monitored from the panel. The panel can accommodate up to a maximum of four detection loops. The loops support most of our interactive detectors, several types of I/O devices for monitored outputs, open collector outputs, galvanic isolated inputs and monitored inputs. It has a 5A power module for battery charging. The panel is menu operated on a 8-line display, with 40 characters per line. The operator panel (BS-210), which is an integrated part of the BS-200M panel, can also be mounted separately outside the cabinet.